In Memory of Howard H. Steel, MD

Howard H. Steel, MD

The Eastern Orthopaedic Association (EOA) was founded in 1970 at the University of Pennsylvania’s Faculty Club under the leadership of Howard H. Steel, MD and 12 prominent orthopaedic surgeons (see below). It was a regional extension of its predecessor, the ‘Quad-City Group,’ which included orthopaedists from Baltimore/Washington, New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. Dr. Howard Steel provided the impetus and created the vision of a new regional society devoted to the education of its member orthopaedists with its meetings held in an environment conducive to social interaction and family inclusion. He founded the organization, served as President for its first two years, and continued his commitment as Managing Director from 1971 to 1976. Dr. Steel was integral to the development of the organizational identity of the EOA, including participation in the EOA Jazz Band (formed by his friend Bob Richards, Sr. and led currently by his legacy Bob Richards, Jr.) and the design of the EOA logo. He modified the orthopaedic symbol, chose the colors, and added stars loosely representative of the original colonies and the geographic makeup of the Association. Under his guidance, the EOA has enjoyed rapid and ongoing success.

Dr. Steel had a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation in the practice of orthopaedics, and exhibited great financial generosity in the advancement of his field.  In 1981 The Howard Steel Orthopaedic Foundation was established by a group of grateful patients.  The Foundation supports lectureships on non-orthopaedic topics at eight orthopaedic associations’ annual meetings, including the EOA.  His work involved over 70 publications. Dr. Steel had a reputation for being an excellent clinician, teacher and researcher, especially in the area of pediatric orthopaedics.

As a result of Dr. Steel’s vision, today, EOA bestows seventeen resident and fellow awards during its Annual Meeting and continues its purpose to promote, encourage, foster and advance the art and science of orthopaedic surgery and matters related thereto, and to establish a forum for free discussion and teaching orthopaedic methods and principles.

EOA Founders
Howard H. Steel, MD, PhD, Warner D. Bundens Jr., MD, Henry R. Cowell, MD, PhD, B. David Grant, MD, Marvin E. Steinberg, MD, Theodore R. Lammot, III, MD, Edward J. Resnick, MD, George J. Schonholtz, MD, Joseph O. Romness, MD, Marcel J. Schulmann, MD, Frederick J. Knocke, MD, Arthur F. Seifer, MD, Stephan A. Christides, MD